Information about the Republic Eslanda

Information about the Republic Eslanda


Geographical position

Eslanda - an island nation located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean (to the west of the UK). The territory of the state consists of the island Hasselwood Rock (Coordinates: 57 ° 35'58 "p. M. 13 ° 41'19" W. D.), about 300 m² of territorial waters around the island.

A surface part of the destroyed cone of an extinct volcano. On the island there are no sources of fresh water. Geological structure has not been investigated.

The island regularly, especially in the winter, the waves are sweeping storm.
According to British scientists, Hasselwood Rock was formed about 55 million years ago, when the ancient continent Laurasia was divided into parts, and between Greenland and Europe invaded the Atlantic Ocean.


The population of the city and in Eslanda.

Population Eslanda one of the world's small and growing mainly due to immigrants and foreign diplomats. According to the census from 12.06.2014, the population Eslanda was 55 people, including citizens Eslanda - 10 residents Eslanda - 40, foreign diplomats - 5 people. National composition of the population is currently poorly understood. Despite the fact that in Eslanda three official languages: English, Spanish and Russian, mostly people talking in Russian. The capital of the country - Hasselwood Rock (55 pers. Residents - including suburbs), the seat of parliament and government, financial, cultural and business center Eslanda. Other cities in Eslanda yet.

Заседание сената
Local resident relaxing at the beach.


Sea tragedy.

In 1824, the brigantine "Elena Dundee", bound for Quebec, broke and sank on Hasselwood Rock; "Crew left most of the passengers to drown, including seven women and six children."

June 28, 1904 near the island was a tragedy: on the way to New York was shipwrecked and steamer sank Norway, on which there were 727 passengers and 68 crew members were killed 635 passengers.


Despite the fact that the territory of the islands claimed by both: United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark iIslandiya, resulting in more than a twenty peaceful struggle for independence, April 1, 2013 Eslandiyaobyavila itself an independent state.

The head of state - the president, elected by general direct elections for a period of 7 years. President of the Republic Eslanda Ayrat Kalimullin was elected to his first term April 1, 2013, the Executive Authority - Government Eslanda - consists of the Prime Minister and the Ministers of the representatives of the "party" Right Front "and non-party members.

Legislature - unicameral "Senate of Eslanda", in force since 2013, (3 members); senators - representatives of the parliamentary parties elected by universal popular vote and approved by the president for a term of 1 year. The Senate may issue a vote of confidence to the Cabinet.

The judicial power is exercised by the Chief Justice, appointed by the President for a term of 1 year.

Eslanda is not a member of the European Union. But this country is keen to receive financial assistance from the EU and join the Schengen Agreement.

The Economy.

Eslanda government has not yet found solutions from what sources of income will develop the country's economy. For economic recovery Eslanda tried to ask financial assistance from the EU, but it did not work out.

Armed Forces.

Regular armed forces Eslanda has no armed groups in peacetime absent. President of the Republic Ayrat Kalimullin signed the "Regulations on Armed Forces and paramilitary organizations of the Republic Eslanda from 22.02.2015 g." Eslanda remains on the principle that it is the most peaceful micronation, and the army it is necessary only for parades and honor. According to the magazine Forbes, Eslanda takes 1st place in the world for peace-loving (2013).


Eslanda has a small influx of immigrants, despite the fact that the immigration laws in Eslanda one of the softest in the world to immigrate to Eslanda must file a petition to the President and to know at the basic level is one of the official languages ​​(English, Spanish, Russian).


In Eslanda freedom of conscience and religion guaranteed by the Constitution of the country.

The most common religion in the country is Christianity. September 11, 2014 Evangel's Church Lutheran of Ingria appointed rector of the parish Church of Ingria in Eslanda cleric Marat Fazlullin.

December 21, 2014 on the initiative of residents Eslanda was organized Esland's Lutheran Church headed by Bishop Yury Prokopenko.

Also, Christians can practice Eslanda: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Uniate Church, Protestantism.

Among other religions are most common: Judaism, Islam.